10 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2016

10 Best Web Hosting Companies of 2016
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Finding the right web host is vital to making your website stand out from the competition. A poorly designed website looks unprofessional, and worse untrustworthy. There are countless reasons for setting up a web site and for every different reason there are separate needs from a web host. With the advent of new technology and lowering prices for hosting issue that may have been important just a few years ago are now irrelevant and may have been replaced with new ideas and concerns. There are several key components to picking the right web host for your needs which will be discussed below in order to help you make the best decision.

Things to Consider

Look into the host’s uptime scores and reliability

  • The most important aspect of hosting is that your site stays up and running. Take a look at an uptime review to see whether or not the server is powerful and has stable connections. You will want the uptime score to be at or above 99.5%. Make sure that your host offers upgrades and will be able to grow as your website continues to grow.

Know what you need from a server

  • Bear in mind what type of website you are building. Will it be a complex commerce site or a simple WordPress blog site? Also consider what sort of applications your site will need, whether or not it will have heavy traffic, and whether it will need special software like PHP. A good rule of thumb is to imagine where you want your site to be in a year and figure out the needs it will have then. First time website builders may want to go the cheapest route and look into shared hosting accounts.

Closely examine the host’s Terms of Service

  • Compare a web host’s price at signup versus its renewal prices. It is practically an industry standard that web hosts offer remarkably cheap hosting deals upon signup but renewals cost significantly more. Typically, around $10 or less per month is a good guideline although some new site may be looking for cheaper deals. You do not want to have a site up for a year only to have to take it down because of renewal price. Similarly, be sure to know the web host’s rules and limits to CPU usage in order to prevent having your account suspended. Lastly, know the subscription period when you sign up, there are some web hosts who hold customers to extremely long contracts and in general you should not enter into a contract that lasts for more than two years.

The web host’s customer support

  • It is important that your host backs up your site in the unfortunate event that the sever crashes or that a hacker nukes your database. Frequent backups by the host are important, as is the option to back it up yourself, as well as the opportunity to restore it from the backup yourself so you do not have tp wait for the support staff to get around to restoring your site. A good host should offer 24 hour customer service support. This could be done either over the phone, through email, or through live chat. A comprehensive help section is also extremely valuable so you can attempt to solve the problem yourself before resorting to the customer support staff.

Other Considerations

  • Take into account everything the web host offers including whether or not it allows for add-on domains, if email is included, and whether or not it has an easy to use control panel.

10 Best Web Hosting Services

1. Ehost


eHost.com sits at the top of the list this year thanks to an impressive array of features that sets it apart from the pack. Easy to use, eHost.com features a drag and drop site builder and a free online cPanel store. Reasonably priced starting at $2.95 per month, this host also features a 45 day guarantee offering a full refund as well as step-by-step tutorials. Customers get a free domain name as well as the chance at unlimited domains and limited emails. With thousands of templates to choose from and free marketing tools the sky is the limit for a website choosing eHost.com.

Support is offered 24 hours a day every day of the year through email, phone calls, and live chat and there is also a searchable database filled with hundreds of helpful articles ready to answer any question that may arise while building your website. With unmetered storage space, unmetered bandwidth, unlimited MySQL databases, and the allowance of unlimited domains your website definitely has plenty of room to grow.

If you are looking to set up a blog there is a free Blog Setup Wizard available, while if you are looking to sell online there is not only the free online store but also PayPal integration and your choice of shopping cart. Customers are also given an offer for $100 in Google Adwords along with a $100 credit for Bing and Yahoo paid ads.

2. Web

web com

web.com offers excellent deals on quality hosting starting at as little as $5.95 per month. A 30 day money back guarantee, free registration for your domain, and a complimentary web site building service only add to the bargain. All packages offer a free domain name, a minimum of 100 multiuser email accounts, at least 25 FTP accounts, and unlimited data transfer.

Additionally, no matter which hosting package you choose, web.com offers complete program language support, automatic site backup and restore, several applications that are open source, one click installation of a WordPress blog, dependable uptime,and more. There is plenty of disk space available in all packages ranging from 300GB through unlimited storage. Customizable web hosting packages and 24-7 customer support assure that web.com can meet the need of any client.

web.com is able to work with a website no matter which programming language it uses including Perl, PHP5, Python, Ruby, and more. The hosting service is also able to help get your site noticed by and listed on the top-ranked local directories and search engines, sending more clicks and business your way. All websites are fully usable on mobile devices. The availability of dozens of free apps including Joomla and Drupal help to make customizing your website and tailoring it to fit exact needs quick and easy to do.

3. iPage

ipage screen

ipage.com – This web hosting service also delivers a lot of bang for your buck, offering a free domain for one year, prices starting at $1.99 per month, and a free listing on yellowpages.com. iPage.com assures you that your site will be safe with a free enhanced security suite that is valued at $100. Other technological bonuses featured at this hosting service include network monitoring 24/7, a vDeck Control Panel, and free traffic reports and reports on visitor statistics.

If you are looking to sell items on your website there is a free customer store with an Agora shopping cart, one click installation and full integration of PayPal. U.S. customers get $100 towards both Google AdWords and Bing advertising credits. Clients receive a scalable bandwidth and unlimited storage space, domain names, and MySQL databases.

Designing your website is easy with a Weebly website builder, one click WordPress installation, a site builder optimized for mobile sites, and numerous themes and templates to choose from. Additionally, the hist offers FTP management and security, a file manager and customizable error pages. Receiving and sending email is a breeze with email addresses featuring your domain name, email forwarding capabilities, and the ability to check email online by using WebMail.

4. Bluehost

The Best Web Hosting Fast Professional Website Hosting Services Bluehost

Bluehost’s initial plan runs a little more expensive at $3.95 per month to start but it is recommended by none other than WordPress.org which definitely shows you something. It offers a full money back guarantee at any time, along with unlimited bandwidth and space. Many installations are made simple thanks to one click install from SimpleScripts.

A key aspect of Bluehost is its full Google integration. This means that you can use any Google Apps program in your site including Gmail at our domain, Google Drive, Google Docs, and Google Hangout. Free website builders make it easy for the most inexperienced people to set up their site quickly and have it looking great and functioning fully. Even if you run into trouble there is a help center that features online guides, an FAQ section, and more that will help you on your way. If a solution cannot be found online there are trained staff members ready to answer the phone and offer full assistance 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Great advertising offers give site owners access to more than $150 in free ads on search engines like Google and Bing. Bluehost also features an impressive and industry leading cloud package which starts as low as $5.95 per month. Bluehost’s cloud service is safer and faster than that of the competition and features an easy to use dashboard which allows you to check in on your site’s performance. As your site grows there are more powerful plans available which allow customers to add RAM and CPU a la carte when it becomes necessary.

5. HostPapa

Web Hosting Plans Web Hosting by HostPapa

HostPapa’s hosting plans start as low as $3.95 and feature a 30 day money back guarantee along with domain registration that is free. If you have any questions or feel that you need some helpful guidance while setting up your site, HostPapa also had a free on on one session with a staff expert who will share their expertise and troubleshoot any problems you may be facing. Similarly, there is a multi-lingual support line on a 1-800 number that is open 24/7.

An easy to use drag and drop site builder is available for free, meaning customers do not have to worry about hiring expensive programmers or designers to have a great looking site. Several free and secure emails at your domain are offered standard with even the lowest hosting package, and if you need more there option to upgrade to either the Business Pro or Business package which both feature more email capabilities. For those looking for maximum email capacity there is even a cloud-based storage program.

Bandwidth and storage will never be a problem with HostPapa as both are always unlimited with a shared web hosting plan. The proprietary dashboard and control panel are most easy to use an if you encounter any problems there are also several instructional videos available that will help get you through any issues.

6. Justhost

Professional Web Hosting from Just Host

justhost.com is a top hosting service that offers unlimited bandwidth and storage space with hosting plans that start at $3.95 per month. Additionally, the hosting service offers stoma service and support 24/7 and full time network monitoring. Websites get up to $200 in advertising credits including $100 towards Google AdWords, which will surely help any new site get noticed.

A cPanel powered control panel, shopping carts from e-commerce, free domain name registration, and a site builder with several templates to choose from all help to get a site set up instantly. Before signing up, prospective clients have the chance to check out a demo of the cPanel control panel which will familiarize them with its email management system and show them the power of its streamlined interface which allows for efficient management of the domain.

Those looking for a little more power for their site have the option of enrolling in the VPS web hosting plan which offers root access, management of multiple accounts, an enhanced cPanel, and instant provisioning. justhost.com provides affordable answers to all web hosting needs.

7. Inmotion Hosting

Shared Business Hosting with Free SSDs InMotion Hosting

Inmotionhosting.com is another hosting service which prides itself on full integration of Google Apps which allows your site to take advantage of the power and flexibility offered in Gmail, Google Hangout, Google Docs, Google Drive, and more. This is an advantage that cannot be overstated as more and more people and businesses are reliant on Google Apps.

Hosting plans start at $4.89 per month and also feature $250 worth of advertising credits and unlimited disk space. Their shared web hosting plans are optimized for custom applications and static websites. Animation Hosting allows clients to work with SSH and to develop using MySQL, Python, Perl, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and PHP. Free installation of WordPress, PrestaShop, and Joomla are available at checkout when you sign up for a plan and there is a free website transfer with no downtime.

A complimentary drag and drop website builder makes it simple to design a website no matter how inexperienced you may be and clients can talk to customer support or sales teams through online chat, Skype, or over the phone. Business hosting plans use Sold State Drives, or SSDs, which perform up to 20 times quicker than Hard Disk Drives and can process 65% more data from the server.

8. Liquidweb

Windows Hosting Liquid Web

Liquidweb is a little more expensive than the others. You have to chat with a specialist to get a price but they are certainly suitable for meeting the needs of a business site offering VPR plans that can be prorated per day, as well as Windows based and Linux based servers. Most plans also come with free domain names. VPS hosting plans at Liquidweb feature built in backups, CloudFlare CDN, DDoS Attack Protection, and enhanced security. If any problems are encountered while building or maintaining a website Liquidweb offers US-based 24/7 support through chat or over the phone every day of the year.

Virtual Private Servers are available in some plans which support 100% uptime and system monitoring. Unlimited incoming bandwidth paired with 5 TB of outgoing bandwidth assures owners that their site can handle traffic on even the busiest days. A free Storm Firewall and real-time monitoring also keep your site safe and functional at all times. It is easy to upgrade or downgrade plans with daily billing options.

Back-up is important for any website and Liquidweb offers a variety of backup options including full server backup, per site backup, and full file replication. Should anything unforeseen happen to a site hosted by Liquidweb, everything is in place to get your site restored and up and running as soon as possible.

9. HostClear


Thousands of templates are available in HostClear’s design suite and site builder which come free with plans starting as low as $2.99. Other perks are 24/7 customer service availability and unlimited bandwidth and storage. For those looking to make sales on their site there is also a free e-commerce store which features full integration of PayPal. Other freebies including in even the most basic plan include a free domain name, free domain transfer, and unlimited email accounts, domains, and SQL databases.

Whether you are looking to create a blog, sell products, or start a forum, HostClear makes it easy with tons of free apps and the ability to create numerous free sites. Free marketing tools allow you to get your site noticed and listed by the world’s top search engines.

Aside from just unlimited email addresses, HostClear also offers free email forwarding and automated responses. Woodpiles is included free with every plan as is 1GB of cloud storage through justcloud.com and an easy to use cPanel control panel. Advertising credits including $100 towards Yahoo and Bing and $100 towards Google Adwords will also help drive traffic to any site hosted by Host Clear.

10. GoDaddy


Perhaps the most widely recognized name on the list thanks to an aggressive marketing campaign a few years ago, GoDaddy offers good web hosting beginning at an affordable $1.00 per month. More than 125 free apps and unlimited bandwidth are two of the most popular features of this web hosting giant. The Economy package only allows for one domain name and 100GB of storage, but the Deluxe package which costs $6.99 per month offers unlimited bandwidth, storage, and domains.

When it comes to control panels users have the option of either cPanel or Parallels Plesk platforms. Sites hosted by GoDaddy benefit from 99.9% uptime as well as load times that lead the industry. GoDaddy is the world’s most popular domain registrar and features award winning customer service that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week all year long. Over 60 million domain names have been registered by more than 13 million customers giving GoDaddy experience and established reliability that few other web hosting services can match.

By signing up for a GoDaddy Pro package, users have access to cloud servers and apps as well as dedicated serves and Virtual Private Servers. GoDaddy helps clients with online marketing strategies, allowing them to do it themselves through online manuals regarding SEO, email marketing, and local business listings, or for a few dollars more customers can hire an SEO expert through their site. Additional security is also available at GoDaddy including the sale of SSL certificates that will let visitors know that your site is safe, and malware removal services.


There are many important things to bear in mins when looking for the right web hosting service. These include knowing what you need from a server, examining the Terms of Service, uptime and reliability, and more. A careful examination of these aspects shows that three of the best web hosting sites are ehost.com, web.com, and ipage.com. Of course, depending on the different needs of different types of websites the best hosting service could vary from customer to customer so it is a good idea to take a closer look at the services and packages provided by several of the top sites listed.

Whether you are looking to build a blog, an e-commerce site, or anything in between any one of the ten web hosts listed above should be able to meet your needs and help you get your site up and running as soon as possible regardless of your level of experience setting up websites.