10 Facts You Should Know About GoDaddy

10 Facts You Should Know About GoDaddy
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If you could think of the top web hosting companies for online businesses, surely, GoDaddy will immediately pop-up on your mind. Being a major website domain registrar and one of the most famous web hosting providers, it is the biggest company accredited by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). GoDaddy may not be with the same team as Facebook, Google, Apple, or Microsoft, but they unquestionably made a name for themselves being the leading dynamo in such business.

The evolution of GoDaddy from a simple domain registrar to a huge force in web hosting makes it a reasonable company you should partner with when starting up your online website. GoDaddy is undoubtedly easy to set up, as everything you may need when building a simple website is all in your hands and can be accessed within a few clicks.

Do you want to know more about GoDaddy or considering to do your business with them? We give you the top ten interesting facts you should know about it.

  1. Over 59 million domains are managed by GoDaddy

We may have different beliefs but it is certain that size really matters. GoDaddy is basically the Amazon in domain registrar and web hosting industry. Being the whale of the said industry, it serves over 13 million multiracial customers around the globe. That is whooping interesting as GoDaddy makes up 21% of the world’s domains. It may not be visible and you may not know it, but some of your favorite websites are possibly encompassed in that large percentage GoDaddy is serving.


  1. A retiree founded the prominent company

During the mid-1990s, Bob Parsons sold his company of financial software services for quite a lot of millions. Then, he came out of retirement by launching and introducting a business called Jomax Technologies, an online domain registrar company. Later on, Jomax Technologies was named GoDaddy Group Inc., hence the present name. It is one of the few web hosting companies at present whose founding has an intriguing yet amazing story.


  1. There are 37,000 servers of GoDaddy globally

Apart from domain registry, GoDaddy is also known for its web hosting services. Currently, it hosts over 8.5 million websites run through 37,000 servers extant around the world. Through this number of servers, we see how large their operations is.


  1. The commencing of GoDaddy Private Registration Program

The internet world is not safe at all, there are a lot of scams and hackers ready to pry and steal all your information, which is why GoDaddy launched the Private Registration Program that will protect your information from such disastrous events. In a regular domain registration, the exposure of every personal information and other private data on your website will always be available for internet users, all day without any limits. However, with GoDaddy Private Registration Program, your domain is disclosed under the name Domain by Proxy, thus hidden and concealed from uncalled searches. Through this program, the personal information of the domain’s owner is hidden and it is only the domain’s information that is publicly shown. With the capability of this program, GoDaddy became a popular choice for website owners and internet users. Interestingly, GoDaddy is the very first to discover and offer such program, despite that nowadays a surplus of other domain registrars across the web offer the similar service. It was on the year 2002 that GoDaddy remarkably invented it and started offering it to the internet world.


  1. There are currently 4,500 people employed in GoDaddy

With a gigantic operation active internationally, GoDaddy needed a huge organization chart which is why it employed over 4,500 workers to aid in the management. These workers include web programmers, software engineers, computer scientists and engineers, graphic designers, and customer care representatives. What’s fascinating is that over 2,900 of these employees are customer care representatives—giving us a view of how important customer care is. The GoDaddy clients and customers may arrive on complicated situations on utilizing the services and some questions may be needed to be answered, that is why these customer care representatives are present to help. Since it serves a whopping number of 13 million customers around, it may be hard to aid them with only a bunch of customer care representatives. The average number of DNS queries that GoDaddy handled last 2013 was 11 billion queries per day. It’s truly a restless job for the customer care reps to accomplish!


  1. GoDaddy’s idea of giving back to the society

Despite being a large multinational company, GoDaddy is not only business-focused as it does not forget the people around and has the idea of giving back to the society and helping the needy. GoDaddy is on the list of the most charitable companies in the world, and it has an interesting history of unique philanthropy. Way back 2009, the Lincoln Family Downtown YMCA, located in Arizona, requested for a $1,000 help from GoDaddy. Being as generous as they were, they sent the organization an incredibly huge amount of $50,000. They did not double the request, but even made it fifty times larger! This became possible through the GoDaddy founder’s charity foundation called Bob & Renee Parsons Foundation. In the past few years, Bob Parsons has extended out his helping hands to many wounded American veterans, donating over millions of dollars yearly.


  1. The average revenue of GoDaddy per user is $115

On the latest valuation last 2015, GoDaddy has an estimated value of $1.7 billion. The average revenue they receive from every user is $115. As of the 2014 report, they have a revenue of $1.4 billion coming from the 13 million customers and clients they are serving around the world.


  1. The fascinating GoDaddy spokesperson

Over the years, GoDaddy has been choosing widely known celebrities as their spokespeople. Actor Jean-Claude van Damme and WWE female wrestler Candice Michele are two of the top people to grasp the spokesperson position. Through various gimmicks and promotions, Candice Michele was made more famous who in turn continuously makes GoDaddy a recognizable brand name. She was named as the “GoDaddy Girl” as she became an everyday name for endorsing GoDaddy on many wrestling ploys on the television.


  1. China and the shutting down of GoDaddy domains

GoDaddy stopped registering domains from China starting on the early 2010. The shutting down of these Chinese domains (.cn domains) became a focal point of rumors, as people believed that Chinese officials forced GoDaddy to give out personal information of their domain clients, which they did not do so due to privacy and confidentiality policies.


  1. Bob Parsons stepped down the CEO position in June 2014

Being the founder and driving force of GoDaddy, Bob Parsons made the company undeniably successful amidst all the hindrances it faced. He left his position of Chief Executive Officer (CEO) last June 2014 after disposing 70% of his stake. During the latest report last May 2015, it was stated that he only controlled 28% of the company yet still stays as the major shareholder of GoDaddy Inc. He can totally relax now after dropping his position as GoDaddy is already a stable company and is in good shape in the industry.

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