Green Tea – Excellent remedy for weight loss

Green Tea is the healthiest beverage that you can get in the whole world. It is an excellent remedy for weight loss if you consume it daily. Ideally, it reduces fat and helps in burning it thereby reducing your weight gradually.

green tea

Why is green tea so special?

Green tea is very rich in anti-oxidants. The tea leaves contain substances that are bioactive and are easily soluble in hot water. If you want to avoid coffee, you can consume green tea as it has less caffeine content. Caffeine is the best stimulant that helps in burning fat and helps in reducing weight. It contains EGCG (Epi Gallo Catechin Gallate). This substance helps in improving the metabolism of human body. The fat should be broken into multiple fat cells so that they easily mix with the blood stream. Hence, the fat is reduced. Green tea contains superb active compounds that effect this process. It is advisable to take about two to three cups of green tea daily based on your body’s acceptable limit for caffeine. Do not buy a green tea brand that says it has added sugar as it is not natural.

You have to do exercises after you drink green tea. You can also take green tea extracts or supplements if you do not like to consume it in its original form. This is a remedy even for Type II diabetes patients. Green tea cuts down on calories. It burns excess fat and regulates it smoothly thereby resulting in weight loss, which is good for health. Drinking green tea not only reduces your weight but also can improve your brain’s functionality and energizes you more. Simply you can curb diabetes and avoid risk factors. Green tea also has best amino acids like L-theanine, which greatly helps in weight reduction by burning fat content.


Awesome effects of drinking Green Tea regularly

People do often not like Green Tea however, they drink it because of its medicinal value and positive effects on health that includes weight loss. It originated in China, however widely used in most of Asian countries. It is in existence since 1000 years. Green Tea has uses in multitude ranging from cancer prevention to decreasing blood pressures. Here are top five awesome effects of drinking green tea on a daily basis.

  • Green tea does not undergo fermentation process and hence is rich in antioxidants that is good for health
  • Human metabolism increases if you drink green tea. It has a substance called polyphenol that intensifies fat oxidation levels and helps in weight loss
  • You can keep your blood sugar levels intact by drinking green tea after food thereby you can avoid diabetes. It prevents spikes of high insulin and reduces storage of unnecessary fat
  • Blood vessels lining is taken care by Green tea and hence you can escape from heart diseases. In fact, a person can also withstand blood pressure changes. There is no chance of blood clot formation which is the key factor for inducing heart attacks
  • By drinking Green tea regularly, you can get rid of bad cholesterol completely from the blood. The ratio of bad and good cholesterol stands a chance of improvement

Did you know that just by drinking one cup would not suffice for gaining perfect health? You have to consume four to five cups of Green tea daily. You can also consider supplements of green tea. In few green tea brands, there is caffeine content. Therefore, if you want to avoid caffeine, just drink one to two cups daily. Not to forget, you can also mix dried ginger with hot green tea for taste and medicinal value.

How much Green Tea you should drink daily for better results?

You should know that drinking green tea alone would not help you in losing your weight. You have to create a deficit of calorie to lose your weight gradually. For better results, you can take about three to four cups of green tea daily, which is under the allowed intake of caffeine. About three hundred to four hundred milligrams of caffeine is permissible for adults, hence the above-mentioned number of cups of green tea is enough. It is imperative to talk to your family doctor and consult him on what is the limit of green tea your body is capable of taking. Not more than 200 milligrams of caffeine should be taken by women who are reported pregnant.

If you are consuming more than ten to twelve cups a day be cautioned that it may have side effects in the long run due to over dosage of caffeine. However, green tea also contains a best substance called polyphenol (antioxidant). If you are overdosed with green tea, you are likely to suffer from insomnia; high heart beat rate, urinating frequently, vomiting, depression, nausea, anxiety and tremors. Therefore, drink within prescribed limits. In addition, the green tea’s potency varies from brand to brand. Over dosage of green tea can sometimes lead to severe damage of liver and multiple side effects that would be unpleasant. If you are taking supplements of green tea then you should take about one hundred to seven hundred and fifty milligrams ideally on a given day. If possible, try opting for products of green tea that are free from caffeine. Note down that some green tea brands are not safe for children. Therefore, keep it out of reach of children or do not give them green tea.

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